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BigLeap 2020 is an online event exclusively for aspiring Indian entrepreneurs. It is an invitation to the dynamic and innovative minds who believe in being agents of change. BigLeap 2020 is a platform not only to showcase ideas and business potential but to foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India.

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Evaluation Process

Application evaluation is based on the ideas and business model, which can be submitted on bigleap2020.in or sidangel.com/bigleap2020. Communication of decision to the shortlisted candidates is sent on email.

Within 10 days of written intimation, the shortlisted applicants need to present their pitch deck in a format that would be provided to
them. All the shortlisted participants will present the relevant financial data, proof of concept (PoC) results/ experience, testimonials, etc. to the distinguished panelists.

Winners will be announced after due deliberations by the judges. The winning candidate shall be awarded prize worth Rs.1.0 Million* (Rupees One Million only). Selected top five business ideas will also be supported with appropriate connections in order to secure seed funding and
incubation support.


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